SmartBrain Retractor™

The Neuro-Kinesis SmartBrain Retractor (SBR)™ takes one of the most common devices used by neurosurgeons and brings it into the digital age in order to provide the physician a better tool in order to provide a better outcome for their patients.

The SBR™ assists neurosurgeons in the early detection and prevention of intracranial retraction related trauma by accurately controlling and minimizing the disturbance of brain tissue being operated upon. The SBR™ allows neurosurgeons to directly monitor brain activity at the site of retraction and provides real-time status of the viability of the underlying tissue to prevent the occurrence of hypoxic-ischemia, brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain.

Traditionally intracranial operations such as those involving vascular repair, aneurisms, and tumor removal can require deeper access into the brain tissue. Retractors are used to lift and separate the folds in the brain tissue in order to provide this access. The resulting pressure caused by this retraction can cause a restriction in blood flow which carries oxygen to the tissue. Prolonged pressure can cause irreparable tissue damage resulting in permeant neurological damage. Current retractors are simply thin pieces of surgical-grade metal that can be shaped and formed to the desired angle. Although the retractor can be manually inserted and held in place, it is more common that the retractor is placed in a table or head-mounted device that allows for more stable placement and operation. As the retractor is simply a piece of metal separating the sensitive brain tissues, they can provide no information to the surgeon on the status of the tissue being manipulated. The surgeon must rely on third-party telemetry and experience to determine if any potential damage might be occurring. As damage to the tissue can occur quickly and with a little outward warning, detecting an issue and moving to prevent it can be difficult.

The Neuro-Kinesis SBR™ addresses this issue by adding cutting-edge SMART technology to the standard brain retractor in order to measure and predict electrophysiology parameters that can indicate potential trauma.

The SBR™ works by adding a thin strip of patented biosensors along the retractor’s surface. These sensors are connected to a small embedded microcontroller at the base of the SBR™. When in place, the sensors measure the electrostatic field of brain tissue for electroencephalographic indications of local site activity as well as standard tissue health indicators such as temperature, pressure, electrical impedance, and blood flow. This data is then fed through the microcontroller and out to the SBR’s™ surgical monitor in order to provide the surgeon real-time biofeedback on the site tissue’s health. The microcontroller continuously analyzes the data with a predictive algorithm that can determine if signs of ischemia are developing. When this occurs the physician is immediately notified and can take corrective action to relieve pressure to restore stability to the tissue. The system is also capable of interfacing with other axillary equipment, such as drug delivery systems, which can be activated upon certain trauma conditions being met.

Before an operation, a custom fit disposable latex sheath is fitted over the SBR™ thereby allowing the unit to be reusable. The SBR™ comes in a variety of configurations that match the most common types of brain retractors used today.

The SBR™ represents another significant leap forward in providing physicians advanced SMART tools to help them provide the best quality of outcome possible for their patients.


  • advanced biosensor-technology provides real-time telemetry to the surgeon.
  • ability to monitor electroencephalographic indications of local site activity.
  • additional monitoring of temperature, pressure, electrical impedance, and blood flow at the operation site.
  • microcontroller at the base provides constant monitoring of data and streams information to the table-side monitor.
  • SBR Monitor shows all data being monitored and provides an easy interface for adjusting data visualization.
  • SMART technology allows the device to notify the surgeon of any changes in site health which may indicate potential hypoxic-ischemia condition well in advance of any damage occurring allowing the surgeon time to reposition and relieve pressure to insure tissue health.
  • the system can interact with third-party systems, such as drug delivery systems, to be engaged when programmed conditions occur.
  • custom disposable latex sheaths allow the SBR to be reused time and time again.
  • SBR comes in most standard brain retractor configurations and can be attached to the most standard head to table-mounted securing devices.

Revolutionary Design meets NextGen Technology

The Neuro-Kinesis SmartBRain Retractor™ incorporates a variety of exclusive and patented NKC technologies developed exclusively for the SBR™ into an ergonomic flexible design that provides leading-edge advantages for today’s neurosurgeon.

Custom-fit-disposable latex sheath
Patented advanced sensor-array
Embedded microcontroller

Real-time Analysis and Response at the Touch of a Button

The Neuro-Kinesis SBR™ Visual Interface provides a display of the real-time diagnostic information being sent by the SBR.

High-resolution, glare-free glass display clearly indicates information.
Controls permit the operator to monitor any parameter of the diagnostic data being captured by the SBR.
The adjustable visual and audio alert system provides early warning of potential tissue health issues allowing the surgeon to make adjustments before a problem occurs.