an intelligent approach to creating intelligent design 

Neuro-Kinesis is a medical technology company focused on creating next-generation surgical tools incorporating advanced biosensor systems that can provide real-time biofeedback of a variety of process critical data to a physician or surgeon where the monitoring of precise environmental status points can greatly enhance a patient’s procedural outcome.

Though advances in medical science and technology have yielded tremendous gains in providing physicians a vast array of toolsets that have made possible a wide dynamic in methods by which better patient outcomes can be assured, there still remain several areas where the tools a physician relies upon have remained much as they were decades ago. Neuro-Kinesis is dedicated to finding those avenues where applying their intelligent biosensor technology will bring those tools into the digital age.

At the core of Neuro-Kinesis’ product platform is its advanced and patented biosensor technology. Developed over the past 15 years, Neuro-Kinesis’ biosensors represent a new step forward in being able to measure targeted analog biological data into digital information that can be analyzed by a microprocessor and then transmitted to a select end-user or processing system where the immediate response can be initiated.

In the medical surgery arena, Neuro-Kinesis has developed two initial product candidates that will fundamentally change how surgeons and physicians approach procedures where these tools can be utilized. The first is in catheter-based imaging such as cardiac mapping and ablation, organ mapping for renal, gastrointestinal and cerebral visualization, and renal denervation for the treatment of hypertension. The second is in cerebral neurosurgery where maintaining the health and viability of surrounding brain tissue during an operation is as important as the successful repair to the targeted tissue. This includes operations such as tumor excisions and deep tissue vascular repair.

Both the Neuro-Kinesis Huygens™ Catheter and SmartBrain Retractor™ have successfully moved past the proof-of-concept stage, and in the case of the Huygens™ Catheter, have also been prototyped and completed initial in-vivo animal studies.

Interest in the Neuro-Kinesis SMART surgical tool technology has already been generated in several large medical device companies, and Neuro-Kinesis is on track to complete the continued prototyping and research studies required to bring their initial product candidates to pre-market commercialization.